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2014 Winter Olympics Lesson Planning

on January 8, 2014

Breaking News

Keep up with the very latest Winter Olympics 2014 News

Olympic- Facts
Learn about the Olympics games

Fun Facts About the Olympic Games
Locate facts, history of the Olympic Games

Olympic History and Symbols
Learn more about Olympics history, traditions and symbols

PreK – Elementary Lesson Plans

For specific  cross-curricular lesson planning for middle school students, please visit

Here is a sampling of what you will find there:

Learning from the Past lesson plan.

Grade 6-8

Social Studies/English

Heroes and Heroines lesson plan

Grade 6

Social Studies/P.E./Art/English/Music

The Power of Music lesson plan.

Grades 4-8

Social Studies/Geography/Music/English

Creating a World of Peace at Home and Abroad lesson plan.

Grades 4-8

Social Studies/Geography/English/Art

Why Here? Why Not There? lesson plan.

Grades 6-8


National Customs lesson plan.

Grades 4-8

Social Studies/Geography

Nationalism and the Olympics lesson plan.

Grades 6-8

Social Studies/Geography

The Birth of Olympism: A Legacy of Peace lesson plan.

Grades 6-8

Social Studies/Geography


Previews of events

Parade of Nations

Learn more about countries that have hosted the Olympic Games. Connect
to facts, maps, and history lesson planning information.

Canadian Olympic School Program – Teacher Resources

See also  Free Montessori Olympics Grammar Game

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