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Montessori Holiday Grammar Lesson Planning

on November 10, 2007

Use my free printable AMC Montessori Bingo Game to present lessons in grammar. First, download the entire game by visiting Free Montessori Grammar Bingo Game This game, designed to be used with Modern Montessori at Home: A Creative Teaching Guide for Children Six through Nine Years of Age and Modern Montessori at Home II: A Creative Teaching Guide for Children 10 through 12 Years of Age, contains all of the directions, grammar symbol printouts, game cards, and free templates in English and Spanish!! All of the work has been done for you. 🙂

Use the game templates included with your free game .pdf download to create your own Montessori holiday grammar bingo game. Select a holiday theme, and then study the paragraphs enclosed with the game. For this exercise, your child will select Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah or
some other holiday topic.

Click here for complete instructions on how to present this holiday grammar bingo game for children.

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