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Valentine Origami Art & Math Activities

on January 3, 2008

Many people visiting this blog really seemed to enjoy the winter holiday hands on math and origami activities, so I decided to find some similar projects for Valentine’s Day.

Recently, I discovered a Valentine art activity that will really help children see geometry in action. The instructions are easy to follow, and the images needed to complete the project are ready for you to print out and use. Just add some tape or glue to make some colorful Valentine ornaments. Visit Valentine Heart Ball Geometric Model for complete details. To see an actual visual presentation of Valentine origami visit Traditional Origami Heart and How to Make an Origami Heart (with video) – wikiHow.

I also recommend visiting Make Your Own Valentine Origami Greeting Card. Download this .pdf to view the diagram with instructions on how to make your own Valentine origami greeting card.

For additional Valentine projects for children and teens visit January and February Lesson Plans and scroll down until you see the February Valentine’s day lessons.

Enjoy! 🙂
Heidi Anne Spietz

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