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Montessori Medical Terminology Lesson Planning

on January 7, 2008

The post below was originally published on January 7, 2008.  Since that date, I had the opportunity to present lessons to ESL university students.  I have revised the post and included the additional information.

I just spent several hours developing a unit study that could be used for students at the secondary level.   It’s been awhile since I taught medical terminology, but I found, at the time, that there were several ways to help students really fuse the learning of the new terms with medical science.   At the university level, I tutored students individually, and also served as presenter for a group of ESL nursing and PT students.  The initial lesson presented focused on the basic study of the Greek and Latin roots, prefixes and suffixes used in medical terminology.

Using a Montessori approach, I presented the information, but stepped aside, until help was requested.  Students were given sufficient time to individually practice pronouncing the terms   In addition, these students gathered together in a group setting to practice pronouncing the words.   By using flash cards, color coding, and other tools I suggested, they begin to easily combine the basic roots with different prefixes and suffixes to form medical terms.

So that the students could fully appreciate the topic at hand, we used diagrams, audiovisual aids and discussed medical laboratory tests, x-rays and clincial applications where the medical terms would be used. The students then independently studied diagrams and a select a list of relevant medical terms matched to the body system or medical topic being presented.  Many of these students found that the flash cards serve as an invaluable tool in learning medical terminology.

Upper elementary and middle school students who have worked with the Montessori classified reading cards will find flash cards to be helpful, as well.  Moreover, a concentrated study of the Greek and Latin word elements is also useful for those preparing to take ACT and SAT tests.

To view the newest Montessori unit study please visit Montessori Medical Terminology Unit Study


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