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Practice ‘Walking the Line’ Montessori Style

on April 8, 2008

Montessorians always set aside plenty of time to rehearse whatever will be presented to the child. Are you spending time practicing what you present? If not, you should. I remember how I would practice walking the line and was amazed with what I discovered.

Initially, I walked the line as the child would, putting one foot in front of the other, toe to heel, on a line made of masking tape or chalk. I imagined a young child outstretching his arms to help him balance as he proceeded walking the line.

I then walked carrying a pile of books on my head. I immediately noticed that I was more aware of my posture and balance in general. I had to walk with a slow, careful stride so as not to drop any of the books. I repeated the exercise a few times and noticed that with each successive try, I felt more relaxed and balanced.

Then, I attempted to walk to music. This initially proved to be a bit more difficult. As I concentrated on walking carefully, toe to heel, in time to the music, I was once again more aware of how I was balancing myself. Balancing the books on top of my head seemed cumbersome at first. After practicing a few times, my body acclimated, and I became more relaxed. This exercise, mentioned in detail in Montessori at Home: A Complete Guide to Teaching Your Preschooler at Home Using the Montessori Method is one of the exercises used to help children orient themselves in time and space and is a prequisitie to some of Maria Montessori’s language presentations.


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