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Thanksgiving Thoughts: Passing Along Some Positive Perspective with the Pumpkin Pie

To me, author Sara Ambarian, is Sarah Snow, Rachel Ray and Martha Stewart – all rolled into one. I have known Sara for almost a decade now. Initially, I marveled at her multitasking abilities. She is a wonderful mom, a marvelous cook, seamstress, designer, wedding planner, webmaster, and writer. I’m sure that this is just a sampling of her talents and abilities. What’s truly appealing; however, is the fact that she is very humble and is always willing to help other moms.

So, when she told me that she had written the article Thanksgiving Thoughts: Passing Along Some Positive Perspective with the Pumpkin Pie, I couldn’t wait to read it. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned Thanksgiving planner, this article will shed some new light on this holiday. You will learn how to involve your children in new, innovative ways.

Have you postponed your Thanksgiving planning? Would you like to put some spark into your Thanksgiving celebration? Do you want to create a truly meaningful gathering, rather than some big show that is meaningless and stressful? Perhaps, you will gain some new insight to help you through the rough spots. Maybe, this is the year to create a Thanksgiving that is less stressful and more memorable.

Sarah’s perspective helped me to see our Thanksgiving in a whole new light. I know that you will glean some positive reinforcement and helpful tips on how to make this holiday meaningful for you and your family as well.

BTW, Sara is not advertising anything here. I included a link to her book website where you can learn more about Sara.  At one point in time she had a website, and my hope is that she will someday create a new one. It was full of wonderful information.

Visit to read the article Thanksgiving Thoughts: Passing Along Some Positive Perspective with the Pumpkin Pie.

Enjoy the read!!


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It’s Time to Enter the November Montessori Drawing

There are only two months left to enter the AMC Montessori Drawing.

November 2008 1st Place AMC Montessori Winner Prizes Include:

Fun With Colors English/Spanish DVD, Workbook and Card Game (from Fun With
Math: Multiplication and Division (from Insta-Learn)
Artsy Animals Learn to Read (from Visual Manna)
Multicultural Rhythm Stick Fun CD (from Kimbo Educational)
American Art Ditto Game (from Birdcage Press)
Montessori at Home CD (from American Montessori Consulting)

November 2008 2nd Place AMC Montessori Winner Prizes Include:

Potholder Loom – Make 2 beautiful potholders (Bountiful Spinweave)
Math: Division (from Insta-Learn)
Fun With Teachers Music for the Classroom Volume 2 (from Fun With Languages)
Maria Montessori Centenary Holiday Ornament (from American Montessori Consulting
Practical Life Exercises – Sewing, Math Applications, and More… (Make Your Own Sock Doll) –

Congratulations to the following 2008 winners!

AMC January Montessori Drawing winners – Leonard Presberg, Director, Hill Country Montessori School, Palmetto, Georgia, and Amanda C from St. Paul, Minnesota

AMC February Montessori winners – Mary E. Latorre of Freehold, NJ and Teresa O of Dubuque, IA

AMC March Montessori winners – Nancy Earnest, Teacher, Chebeague Island School, Chebeague Island, ME and Ruthe Ann Walsh of Jackson, NJ.

AMC April Montessori winners – Kim D from West Palm Beach FL, Susan A. from from Maryville MO and L Nascimeneto of Honolulu, HI.

AMC May Montessori winners – Linda Crumbaugh, President of Independent Homeschoolers’ Network in Brevard County, Florida, Jackie Kalinowski of Hillsboro, NH and Jennifer Volkman of Long Island, NY.

AMC June Montessori winners – Teresa Noble, Program Director for Early Childhood, Upstate SC, Institute for Guided Studies, Kim P. of Houston TX and Mellissa V. from Cookeville, TN.

AMC July Montessori winners – D. Betts of Rocklin, CA and Kim P. of Houston TX.

AMC August Montessori winner – Corinne Walker, Teacher at Nashoba Montessori School, Lancaster, MA.

AMC September Montessori winners – Misty of Dawsonville, GA and Stephanie Conrad, Montessori teacher, Campus School of Carlow University .

AMC October Montessori winners – Angie Smith from Grove City, OH. and Kelda Adair from Gardenview Montessori, Bellingham WA. .

It’s time now to enter the November drawing. Enter by visiting


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Delicious Apple Recipes for the Holidays

Special Apple Recipes and Crafts

Ann, from Kids Quality Toys, has whipped up a delicious Easy Pecan Granola Apple Crumb-Pie recipe for all to enjoy.

Author and homeschooling mom, Marty Layne, offers a Simple Wreath craft, to add just the perfect touch to a centerpiece or wall. See
Part IV

Jaye, from Creative Care, contributed the Apple Wreath and song that can be used for children ages two to five. Visit Part V for details.

Montessorian Kathy O’Reilly, from Cooking with Children Can Be Easy has shared her Apple Sauce Parfait recipe. Kathy tells us that she has used this recipe with toddlers (18 months) through adults
(81 years) and that it tastes kind of like apple pie. Kathy provides the reader with a very complete set of practical life exercises. Sequence cards, shopping list, station setup of equipment, booklist, finger play and extension activities are also provided.

Want more?? Kathy has generously also included a Fresh Fruit Freeze recipe with practical life exercises. Both can be viewed and downloaded
by clicking here.

Dale, from North American Montessori Center, contributed two excellent practical life exercises.

First, you will want to read through the Making Apple-Cinnamon Muffins unit. Let Dale walk you through setup, presentation, making the muffins, tidying up and tasting – all Montessori style. Extension exercises are also included. See Part V of this newsletter for details. For Dale’s second presentation, scroll down until you see The Friendship Quilt.

Don’t forget to download both the to access the delicious Old Fashioned Apple Crisp, courtesy of MindWare and the Apple Angel Food Cake recipe from Conceptual Learning.



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New! Free! Montessori Winter Lesson Plans

Please visit

AMC Winter Lessons for updated 2010 information.

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