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Montessori Valentine Community Projects

This Valentine’s Day commit to do something fun yet really meaningful for those in your community who are are sad and lonely. Become involved in a Valentine’s project and possibly enlist the help of other families and friends.

Visit and scroll down until you see Fun Valentine Projects for the Community.

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This Winter Cook and Bake Up a Storm

The winter months are perfect for practical life cooking lessons indoors. Begin the first month of the new year discovering some fun new meals and treats you can make in the kitchen. Members of my family and friends made cookies for holiday gift giving, and we had so much fun in the process. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, why not try some new cookie recipes? As you know, cooking and baking can be educational as well. Suddenly, boring math lessons involving measuring and estimating take on practical applications.

First, select what types of cookies you want to make. Karen Frame, from Fun Felt has created a wonderful blog that you will want to explore in detail at some point. She offers many varied types of hands-on lesson plans, crafts and other activities for you and your family to enjoy. For now, let’s just concentrate on her link to some delicious chocolate candy recipes. Visit Fun Activities for Kids and look to the right of her blog. There you will find a link to Chocolate Candy Recipes. If you thought making truffles would be too difficult to tackle, think again! You will find additional deliicious candy recipes at this link as well.

By clicking here, you will find recipes for pumpkin cookies, elephant ears sugar cookies and Oma’s cookies. Turn a common fudge recipe into something spectacular. Go to
AMC Montessori Spring Hands On Newsletter to discover recipes for sour cream fudge and peanut butter fudge.

Montessorians Dale Gausman of and Kathy O’Reilly of Cooking with Children Can Be Easy provide invaluable information that can be found in the seasonal AMC hands-on newsletters.

First, you will want to read through the Making Apple-Cinnamon Muffins unit. Let Dale walk you through setup, presentation, making the muffins, tidying up and tasting – all Montessori style. Extension exercises are also included.
Click here for details. Kathy incorporates organic products into her recipe planning, whenever possible.
Click here and
here for two of Kathy’s recipes..

Cooking will also be appealing to your children, especially if you steer them to resources where they can locate information about recipes and the ingredients. The Internet is full of useful information, but the public library also has a collection of outstanding books about cooking, baking, dessert planning and more.

For additional information on nutritional meal planning and tips on how to involve your children in the meal planning and preparation visit
Healthy Nutritional Tips for the 21st Century Families

Make 2009 a year for incorporating home-grown food into your diet. Sara Ambarian, author of A Bride’s Touch, embraces the philosophy of providing integrated lessons in gardening and cooking for children and teens, to help them become more environmentally aware, nutritionally informed and consumer savvy. Sara also shares how the family can become interested in growing different varieties, and how these sprouts add flavor and texture to various salads, sandwiches, etc.
Click here to access her gardening tips and recipe information.

Now, with these few leads, you and your family have no choice but to get started and cook up a storm this winter in your kitchen.

Don’t forget to enter the January contest for your chance to win an apron for a boy and an apron for a girl. Visit



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