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Springtime Hands On Learning

Welcome to Springtime at American Montessori Consulting

Visit Spring/Summer 1998. and Spring/Summer 1999. These newsletters were recently revised.

A sampling of what is featured in the 1998 issue appears below:

• interdisciplinary lessons involving shape, color, science and math.

• new color gradient learning ideas

• Butterflies – Lessons and Observations

• categorize gems according to color.

• lessons in shapes and mathematics for middle school students

Visit Springtime Celebrations to access the following:

Gardening & Other Springtime Nature Activities
and Theme Lesson Planning

• Ampersand Press – Games and Wildlife Stamps

• Childsake – Nature and the Environmen

• Farm Country General Store – Open Pollinated Seeds

• Fun Felt Newsletter Article Loaded with Free Butterfly Lesson Planning Ideas

• Fun Felt – Science Theme Lesson Planning with Felt

• Free Birdhouse Plans and Patterns

• Free Gardening Tips and More

• Free Information Source – Seashells for Classified Reading Exercises

• Free Lesson Planning Butterfly Links

• Garden Artisans – Newsletters, Projects and More

• Garden Forever for Gardeners of All Ages and Abilities

• Joyful Noise – Theme Related Materials – Wonderful Selection of Science Materials

• Lab Essentials, Inc. – Microscopes for Science Investigational Studies

• Nature’s Workshop Plus!

• Priority Montessori Materials – Hands On Science

• Science Kits and Activities

• Spring Gardening with Children – Make a Tepee (Free Instructions)

• Wildflowers – Free Lesson Planning Ideas

Springtime Art Activities

• For School and Home Classrooms

• – Find the Perfect Nature and/or Springtime Theme Books

• Creative Care – Ideas Books (Jenny’s Spring Crafts)

• Free Making Art from Seashells Activity

• Free Seashell Painting

• Nature’s Workshop Plus


• Paper Mache Pinata

• Celebrating Cinco de Mayo at The Holiday Zone

• Lesson Plan – Subtopic – Cinco de Mayo

• A Unit Study Lesson Plan About Mexico in?Spanish

• More Interdisciplinary Lesson Planning ~ Spanish Lessons and Cinco de Mayo

• Cinco de Mayo ~ Excellent Background Information

• Cinco de Mayo Recipes

• Creative Care – Ideas Books (Jenny’s Crafts)

• Free Mother’s Day History and Activities

• History of Memorial Day

• Memorial Day

• Free Father’s Day Projects

• Free Easter History and Activities

• Free Passover Ideas

Happy Spring!!


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Multicultural Lesson Planning Made Easy

The 2001 AMC Montessori Multicultural Lesson Planning Newsletter has just been revised.

Using the Montessori method, Korea, China and Japan are used as template lessons for contrast and comparison lesson planning. Learn how to integrate dance, theater arts, art, history, geography, music, second language acquisition, writing, grammar, reading, and more into your multicultural lesson plans.

Quickly and efficiently locate the resources you need without having to wade through mounds of Internet material. Visit
Part I – AMC Montessori Multicultural Lesson Planning

Part III- AMC Montessori Multicultural Lesson Planning

For additional multicultural lesson planing see
A Unit Study Lesson Plan About Mexico in Spanish

Origami Lessons in Spanish

Unit Study Lesson Plan About Mexico in French



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Adventures in Chinese for Children

Tina Lee, a public school educator, college supervisor of student teachers, parent of two adult children and a grandparent of a 27 month old recently reviewed the Chinese for Children: Professor Toto Multi-Media Language Education Kit. Her review will provide invaluable insight to those wishing to introduce or add Chinese into school and homeschool foreign language programs.

“This kit is designed to teach children ages 2 years and up a second language. The multimedia kit was developed by François Thibault, founder and director NYC’s Language Workshop for Children.

I was privileged to field test the kit with my English speaking Chinese granddaughter. After viewing a segment in Mandarin, then replaying that same portion in English, she viewed both with quiet, receptive attention. The Parent’s Guide emphasizes that the child should watch both DVD’s first before moving to the activity books or audio CD. The parent guide emphasizes that viewing in English should be limited and “as soon as your child becomes familiarized with the story, he or she should move on to the target language.”

As an educator, I find that the suggestions on how to implement the program for the recommended short spurt lessons follow the best practices for second language acquisition. The approach is pedagogically sound – immersing the child in hearing, understanding, and internalizing the second language in a natural way before the child is expected to speak it.

To assist in lesson planning, the full script of Professor Toto in Chinese is printed in English, simplified Chinese characters, and also Pin-Yin (Western phonetic Chinese). The script is intended to closely match the culture and today’s common usage. Rather than a literal word-for-word translation, the emphasis is on an eventual intuitive understanding for the word meanings.

The kit is aimed for both teachers and parents and contains:
A Parent’s Guide
Part 1 & 2 Script in Chinese and English and English and Chinese
Vocabulary review in English and Chinese
Sing and Learn Book
Color and Learn Book
4 Chinese and English Language Video DVD’s
2 Audio CD’s”

For additional information please contact:
The Language Workshop for Children: Professor Toto in Chinese
Phone: (212)396.0830
FAX: (212)396.1372
E-mail address:

Thanks, Tina! 🙂

Heidi Spietz
American Montessori Consulting
Serving School and Home Educators Since 1988

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March is National Craft Month

For updated 2010 information, please visit March is National Craft Month 2009


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