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Go Green with Montessori Style Gardening and Cooking

Go green and incorporate organic gardening into your life. By reading
Gardening Year Round – Tips from an Expert you will discover how easy it can be to start your own garden. Whether you are living in an apartment or are blessed with acres of land, you, too, can experience the pleasure of growing your own food.. By reading this article, you will learn How to Manage Pests in Gardens and Landscapes without using harmful chemicals that damage the envrionment.

If your hectic schedule just doesn’t allow you to spend much time outside cultivating a graden, why not grow some upside down tomatoes. See
Upside Down Tomatoes and Upside Down Tomato

The Garden Artisans website and the AMC Montessori Fall 2007 Hands On Lessons Part I newsletter also offer readers a wealth of additional gardening information.

Finally, read Home-grown “Fast Food for Busy Families” and Healthy Nutritional Tips for the 21st Century for additional information on how to make a positive impact on our environment while providing your family with wholesome food.

Enjoy! 🙂


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Spring Into Foreign Language Learning

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