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Montessorians Sing Peace (Scheduled for 9/21/09)

>>I thought you might be interested in an upcoming world-wide Montessori event, in case you have not heard of it. It’s called “Sing Peace Around the World,” and on Monday, September 21, Montessori schools from over 30 countries around the world will be singing the song, “Light a Candle for Peace,” continuously for 24 hours!

Our school will be participating, and since we are in Hawaii, we will be in the final time zone. Here is the website, for more information:<<


Kathy Shirakawa

Director of Marketing and Admissions

Montessori Community School

Honolulu, Hawaii

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Montessori Back to School Lesson Plans

Back to School Montessori Lesson Planning

In Part III of the new 2014  Montessori Fall Lesson Planning issue, Dale Gausman, from the North American Montessori Center, shares two great back to school exercises. To access The Friendship Tree and the Getting to Know You Exercises from the North American Montessori Center click here.

In Part I of the AMC Hands On Fall Montessori Newsletter, you will find the resources you need to help children learn about how and why leaves change color and how to grow and pick pumpkins and other aspects of fall gardening. Links to apple unit studies and apple recipes and crafts and more are available by clicking here and other sections of this newsletter.

Next, invite your children to take a tour of Italy.
To access this integrated Italian unit study, complete with lessons focusing on the art, history, music, language and cuisine, point your browser to Part IV

For the complete set of hands on lessons, please visit Accentuating Autumn with Free 2014 Montessori Lessons

Heidi Anne Spietz

American Montessori Consulting

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