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Patriotic Themed Music

With Memorial Day just around the corner, and the 4th of July, not far behind, you may be looking for unique ways of integrating patriotic themed literature and music into the curriculum.

The Blow Ye Winds , Paddle Wheeler and Erie Canal – and Wabash Cannonball are free extension activities from the guide written by Dr. Kathryn A. Short, for Kimbo’s new CD release: “Songs About America,” Celebrating America Through Song. To view the extension activities, please visit

Several of the songs on this recording have a transportation theme, providing a unique way of reflecting America’s history. Children will also learn about geography from the lyrics and the activities. For information on purchasing this very special recording, “Songs About America,” Celebrating America Through Song, please call Kimbo Educational at 800-631-2187, and visit

Receive invaluable free lesson planning information by perusing through the archived newsletters. See access this information.

The Music House offers the essential songbook for parties and singalongs. The America’s All-Time Favorite Songs – Over 200, includes full-sounding piano arrangements that are easy to play. The book contains the complete music, lyrics, and chord symbols for all voices and instruments, plus hundreds of delightful illustrations and informative background notes on each song Pleas see For additional resources and a fine collection of musical instruments,, please visit