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Montessori Practical Life – Cooking for the Holidays

The holidays provide multiple opportunities to encourage your children to become interested in cooking. Fractions come alive as children measure out the ingredients needed to provide those yummy desserts, appetizers, salads and main dishes!! The following activities and lessons can be modified and integrated into Montessori learning.

Cooking With Math-Math Central
Cooking Traditions
Disabled Kids and Cooking: Celebrate Recipe Day and Teach More Than Math
Guide to Cooking With Kids
NNCC Cooking with Children: Kids in the Kitchen
Cooking – Practical Applications – Grades 4 – 6
Cooking Up Fractions Recipe
Lesson 4: Cooking with Fractions
Mesasurements in Cooking
Montessori Fall Hands-On Lessons
Montessori Winter Hands-On Lessons
Montessori Fall Newsletter
Healthy Nutritional Tips for the 21st Century Family
Home-grown “fast Food” for Busy Families
Thanksgiving Thoughts: Passing Along Some Positive Perspective with the Pumpkin Pie by Sara L. Ambarian

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October Montessori Drawing – 10th Anniversary of Resource Center

  • October 2010 1st Place AMC Montessori Winner Prizes Include:
  • Writing Card Sequence with Plastic Organizer & Masters for Writing Practice! (from LORD Company
  • A Valuable Gift Certificate (from Learning Success™ Institute)
  • GTC777 Gratnell Jumbo Rolling Tray Seat (from Wood, Etc.)
  • Art Ditto (from Birdcage Press)
  • Hands on Equations Program (Borenson and Associates)
  • Kite Game from( Creative Care “No Excuse” Craft Packs )
  • Modern Montessori at Home: A Creative Teaching Guide for Parents of Children Six through Nine Years of Age (from American Montessori Consulting)

    October 2010 2nd Place AMC Montessori Winner Prizes Include:

  • A Valuable Gift Certificate from (Conceptual Learning Materials – A Montessori Company)
  • Baby Animals Around the World Card Game & Book (from Birdcage Press)
  • Heart Number and Animal Game from (Creative Care “No Excuse” Craft Packs )
  • Montessori Resources CD (from American Montessori Consulting)
  • Collage Art for Kids DVD (from Coyote Creek Productions)
  • Visit to enter!

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