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Middle School Word Puzzles for Passover and Easter

In honor of two major spring holidays, Alan Stillson, the author of Middle School Word Puzzles, invites you to find these words and expressions that are related to Easter or Passover:

1. R A __ __ __ T
2. __ Y __ D     E __ __ S
3. __ A S __ E __     B __ N N __ T
4. J __ __ __ Y     __ E __ __ S
5. O __ __     O __     B O __ D __ G __
6. __ A __ K __ T
7. P __ E P __
8. H __ __     C R __ __ __     __ U N __
9. __ N __ E __ V E N E __     B __ E __ D
10. N __ __     C __ O __ H __ S

Copyright 2011 – 2015  Stillson Works

For the answers, please visit the free See AMC Montessori Hands On Spring Newsletter Part III

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Make Your Own Illustrated Food and Recipes Notebook

The following was submitted for the AMC Montessori Spring Hands On Newsletter by Nan Barchowsky.

“Make handwriting practice personal! Make it part of your everyday pleasure. If you enjoy good food, try this. Collect recipes. Get a notebook and practice handwriting with a list of your favorite foods and favorite meals. Then, fill your notebook with recipes. Illustrate them too!

Here’s just one recipe. Visit to view this yummy Peanut Fudge Recipe. See how you plan extension lesson exercises combining handwriting, cooking and illustrating!!!” It’s one of many ideas for handwriting practice on the CD in BFH, a Manual for Fluent Handwriting. For additional free lessons from the AMC Montessori Spring Newsletter, please visit AMC Spring Hands On Montessori Newsletter

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Monthly Observances and Notable Dates for Educators

A wonderful feature on Creative Process is a Monthly Observances and Notable
Dates list. Educators can see what’s happening in a particular month-
holidays, awareness month, week or day for a special cause, with links
to resource materials.

Point your browser to Monthly Observances and Notable Dates for Educators This is just one of the lesson planning ideas you will receive from the freeAMC Montessori Spring Hands Lesson Planning Newsletter

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Hands on Equations Webinar for Montessorians

Attend one of the free upcoming Hands-On Equations webinars to learn more about this wonderful product. See Workshops for details.

The next webinars are as follows:

Tuesday, April 5, 2:10-3:00 pm E.T.
Thursday, April 28, 3:15 t0 4:00 pm

This webinar will provide an overview of Hands-On Equations. Participants will gain an idea of how equations are represented and solved and how the concepts are applied to the solution of verbal problems. Dr, Borenson will show how the game pieces are used to represent equations such as:

4x + 3 = 3x + 9
2(x + 4) = x + 10
5x + 2(-x) + 3 = x + 9
2x = (-x) + 12

In addition, Dr. Borenson will also provide a glimpse of Hands-On Equations can assist students in solving verbal problems such as:
Three times a number, increased by 2, is the same as the number increased by 10. Find the number.

Eight years from now, Tom will be 4 years older than twice his present age. How old is he now?

By participating in this introductory webinar, participants will understand how Hands-On Equations can be of value to them in introducing their students in grades 3 – 9 to basic algebraic concepts. Full-length webinars and full-day workshops are available to provide educators with in-depth training.

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Spring is Here! Time to Start Your School or Home Gardening

The following is an excerpt by Catherine Hartridge from the Garden Artisans

“Starting a garden, either at home with the kids or as a school project is a wonderful project filled with learning, adventure and experimentation. Most children learn best while they are having fun … gardening is just the thing! Plus, they get to get dirty and get up close and personal with the creepy crawlies!

Lisa Taylor, Children’s Garden Director at Seattle Tilth, a non-profit community gardening organization says, “With little people, they’re a lot closer to the ground; they have an intimate relationship with the earth. Anything we can do to bring that non-descript terra firma to life is good.” There are many benefits to gardening with children. They learn patience and responsibility, they gain an understanding of where food comes from, and they even learn to deal with loss through their flowers dying at the end of a season.”

To read the free Beginning a Spring Garden at School or at Home in its entirety, as well as Growing Your Own Herbs and Cooking with Your Children, please visit AMC Montessori Spring Hands On Lesson Planning Newsletter – Part IV

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Springtime Hands On Learning for PreK – Grade 8

Welcome to Springtime at American Montessori Consulting

Visit Spring/Summer 1998. and Spring/Summer 1999. These newsletters were recently revised.

A sampling of what is featured in the 1998 issue appears below:

• interdisciplinary lessons involving shape, color, science and math.

• new color gradient learning ideas

• Butterflies – Lessons and Observations

• categorize gems according to color.

• lessons in shapes and mathematics for middle school students

Visit Springtime Celebrations to access the following:

Gardening & Other Springtime Nature Activities
and Theme Lesson Planning

• Ampersand Press – Games and Wildlife Stamps

• Bird-watching with Kids

• Introducing a Bird Feeder

• Growing Your Own Herbs and Cooking with Your Children

• Childsake – Nature and the Environment

• Farm Country General Store – Open Pollinated Seeds

• Fun Felt Newsletter Article Loaded with Free Butterfly Lesson Planning Ideas

• Fun Felt – Science Theme Lesson Planning with Felt

• Free Birdhouse Plans and Patterns

• Free Gardening Tips and More

• Free Information Source – Seashells for Classified Reading Exercises

• Free Lesson Planning Butterfly Links

• Garden Artisans – Newsletters, Projects and More

• Garden Forever for Gardeners of All Ages and Abilities

• Joyful Noise – Theme Related Materials – Wonderful Selection of Science Materials

• Lab Essentials, Inc. – Microscopes for Science Investigational Studies

• Nature’s Workshop Plus!

• Priority Montessori Materials – Hands On Science

• Science Kits and Activities

• Spring Gardening with Children – Make a Tepee (Free Instructions)

• Wildflowers – Free Lesson Planning Ideas

Springtime Art Activities

• For School and Home Classrooms

• – Find the Perfect Nature and/or Springtime Theme Books

• Creative Care – Ideas Books (Jenny’s Spring Crafts)

• Free Making Art from Seashells Activity

• Free Seashell Painting

• Nature’s Workshop Plus


• Paper Mache Pinata

• Celebrating Cinco de Mayo at The Holiday Zone

• Lesson Plan – Subtopic – Cinco de Mayo

• A Unit Study Lesson Plan About Mexico in?Spanish

• Cinco de Mayo ~ Excellent Background Information

• Cinco de Mayo Recipes

• Creative Care – Ideas Books (Jenny’s Crafts)

• Free Mother’s Day History and Activities

• History of Memorial Day

• Memorial Day

• Free Father’s Day Projects

• Free Easter History and Activities

• Free Passover Ideas

Happy Spring!!


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