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Make Your Own Illustrated Food and Recipes Notebook

on March 24, 2011

The following was submitted for the AMC Montessori Spring Hands On Newsletter by Nan Barchowsky.

“Make handwriting practice personal! Make it part of your everyday pleasure. If you enjoy good food, try this. Collect recipes. Get a notebook and practice handwriting with a list of your favorite foods and favorite meals. Then, fill your notebook with recipes. Illustrate them too!

Here’s just one recipe. Visit to view this yummy Peanut Fudge Recipe. See how you plan extension lesson exercises combining handwriting, cooking and illustrating!!!” It’s one of many ideas for handwriting practice on the CD in BFH, a Manual for Fluent Handwriting. For additional free lessons from the AMC Montessori Spring Newsletter, please visit AMC Spring Hands On Montessori Newsletter

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