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Spring into Foreign Language Learning

The beauty of spring greets many us now as we step outside. If you have suffered through a dark and dreary winter, you will especially embrace all that this season has to offer.

Have you begun to present some lessons to your child in Spanish or French or some other foreign language? Why not use nature as your theme throughout the months of April and May.

Yes, I know. You have many topics from which to choose. First, take a moment to make a list of possible topics. Then, encourage your child to make a selection. Your child may want to focus on the flora and fauna around him. If he selects flowers, use the following links to help construct needed information for your matching picture and classification exercises. See
Flower Names and Meanings in English, French and Latin and
Flowers in Spanish

Perhaps, your child wants to learn more about birds. By visiting the
AMC Montessori Spring/Summer 1998 – Revised and Expanded Newsletter you will find links to the study of gems in in French, German, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Italian, and German languages.

Use to locate the free pictures you need for your classified and matching picture activities. Make sure that you are not using copyrighted material. If in doubt, check with the author.

For additional Spanish and French unit lesson planning ideas, please visit
A Unit Study Lesson Plan About Mexico in Spanish

Origami Lessons in Spanish

Origami Lessons in French

Make Your Own Montessori French Lessons

For additional resources, please visit

Professori Toto

Fun with Languages

Happy Springtime! 🙂

Author of: Reading, Writing and Spelling in Spanish I

See also: Spanish Montessori

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