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Make Dad Feel Special on His Special Day

on June 8, 2011

Fathers’ Day is June 19 this year, and approaching quickly.  Many of us make a big production of Mothers’ Day, with candy, flowers, dinner “out”, etc.; but for our fathers, sometimes, we don’t make quite as much fuss.  Fathers are, indeed, usually harder to make or buy gifts for.  However, a good father is worth his weight in gold – especially in our current social climate – and he’s probably very appreciative of any effort you make in his honor.  So, if your family is blessed with a fine father (or several), be sure to take the opportunity to help the kids in your life show their love, respect and appreciation. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking.

Jaye at Creative Care shares instructions for a neat, personalized picture frame.  This is an inexpensive craft project which allows lots of opportunity for a child to express their own creativity and symbolize their unique relationship with their father.

Another fun do-it-yourself gift from Rae at Creative Process is their leaf print t-shirt. Find instructions here:

Since most fathers I know are always up for a good meal, cooking or baking can be a good way to share your love on Fathers’ Day.  Maybe Dad would enjoy some fresh cinnamon rolls for his breakfast, using this recipe from Larry at Farm Country General Store. Home-baked goodies are always so inviting. 

If your father does not have a sweet tooth,  perhaps he would appreciate a nice Italian dinner.  Marjorie Kiel Persons of Classical Magic, Inc., shares a very simple but flavorful recipe for Linguini in Clam Sauce as part of her “Oh, How I Love Italy” lesson plan. 

For more ideas for cooking Italian food with kids, visit this cute website:  Their easy-to-navigate sidebar will connect you to lots of other great recipes to round out your Italian feast for Dad. He might enjoy appetizers like bruschetta or zucchini fritters.  A salad is always nice with pasta, whether you prefer the simple and patriotic Caprese or the elaborate antipasto (always a good choice for the “where’s the meat” dad, and usually popular with many children, as well!) Italian cooking also offers a wide variety of traditional desserts from cheesecakes and frozen puddings to cookies and pastries. (You just might want to watch out for the alcohol content in some of them.) Mangi e goda! (Eat and enjoy!)

If your dad is musically-inclined, you can find instruments, CDs, books, music boxes and many music-inspired gifts—for young and old– at The Music House.  Their “specials” page has many great deals for fathers (and graduates).

If your father is a man of action, perhaps he would enjoy an outing with you.  If you live by a beach or other open area, you might have good kite flying conditions.  Kite activities combine fresh air, exercise, and science in a way that brings out the kid in most people.  Find out more in “Up, Up and Away—The Art and Fun of Kite Flying” at:

Another fun outdoor activity to share with Dad is birdwatching.  It is an interesting and versatile hobby that coordinates well with other recreational pursuits, like hiking or camping; but you can also find birds in your own backyard or at a city park. Ornithologist Sanford Wilbur provides lots of tips to get you started at: If your father is new to birdwatching, you can find simple binoculars for a gift as cheap as $30-$50 at: (look for “birdwatching binoculars” link) or (search for “binoculars”.) You can also find a wide variety of field guides and other birdwatching books, both new and used, for a variety of prices, at:

However you honor and celebrate them, we hope that you and the fathers in your life have a wonderful Fathers’ Day!

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