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Fun Filled Fall PreK – High School Lesson Plans

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Indoor Activities Get You Out of the Sun

While many of us enjoy our “fun in the sun” during the summer, it is also nice to take break on the hottest days (or during the hottest times of day) to pursue some quiet, indoor pursuits. Others of us do not have the opportunities and/or resources for a lot of outings, while some children need to be kept indoors for health reasons. Whatever the reason you are staying close to home and/or classroom, there’s no need to run out of things to do. Free reading or reading aloud are always relaxing options, so keep lots of good books around.  Crafts, cooking and games are also great ways to learn and have fun indoors.

Georgette Baker of Cantemos has shared instructions for a very simple and cute Octopus Napkin Holder craft, which uses materials you probably have around the house.

A little bit older, more advanced crafters will enjoy the detailed lesson plans for making a simple friendship bracelet offered by Dale Gausman of North American Montessori Center. \

For more creative summer crafts, visit Bountiful Spinning and Weaving ‘s kids’ page.  They offer a wide variety of textile-related kits and materials for crafters of all ages.

If you prefer a fun project you can eat, you might enjoy Fun Felt for Kids’ three pirate-themed snack recipes. You can make Treasure Chests, Pirate Ships, and Cannonballs. Cannonballs.  Eat up, me hearties!

Another tasty recipe which even small children can participate in making is Dianne from Conceptual Learning’s Summer Fruit, Cheese and Meat Kabobs.  These simple kabobs are attractive and grown-up enough for a party or barbecue.

To satisfy your summer sweet tooth in a healthy way, while learning life skills, try this Watermelon Blueberry Banana Split recipe. It includes very detailed instructions on how to set up and use an assembly line process. This one is a classic from the late Kathy O’Reilly’s “Cooking with Children Can Be Easy”.

For indoor fun which also hones children’s word skills, Alan Stillson of Stillsonworks offers some interesting puzzles from his book, Middle School Word Puzzles, and

Excellence in Education also sells many types of fun and educational games you might enjoy.

Have fun!


Upcoming Summer Seal Beach CA Kite Flying Events

Greetings Fellow Kite Fliers !

As many of you know, the Up Up and Away Kite Club of Seal Beach has “Kite Club Sunday” on the second Sunday of each month. For those of you unfamiliar, it’s your typical “SUAFYK” gathering.

With August quickly approaching, we wanted to give you a head’s up that instead of the Regular Sunday Fly on the 14th, we will once again be having a Night Fly on the evening of the 13th.

Been to one? You know what to expect…If not, here’s what happens:
Fliers gather in the afternoon for flight and enjoy chill time. Then, as the sun falls away, the hardcore bunch sets to attaching their lights (button cell, bike flashers, LED’s, and yes, even Fiber Optic) to their kites and the standard gentle breeze puts the show in the dark sky. It’s quite the sight for fliers and non-fliers alike.
If you haven’t figured it out, you’re invited…
Please join us North of the Pier.

For further info, please contact the club’s email address or mine via

Best Wishes & Winds,
Glen E. Rothstein
Proud Member – UU&A KC

AMC Editor’s Note –

P.S.  You can read more about the kite club and things to do while visiting Seal Beach, California by reading Part I of the AMC Summer Newsletter.  Click on the link below:

AMC Montessori Summer Hands-On Newsletter Part I

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The sunny weather conditions and available leisure time of summer lure many of us outdoors for our family recreational and educational activities.  This is a fortuitous situation if you wish to interest children in science, since spending time outside automatically puts us in closer contact with many aspects of the natural world.  Nature-related sciences are very appealing to many children; and any “lesson” where the “classroom” is a park, beach, forest, desert or mountain automatically adds some novelty and interest.

Here in southern California, we are blessed with many wonderful places to go and things to do for outdoor-oriented fun and learning.  Recently, we featured Up, Up and Away Kites! in Seal Beach, plus many lesson plan ideas related to kite flying. You can review those at:

Just a few doors down on Main Street from this Seal Beach kite store you will find the California Seashell Company, a great resource for sea life studies, as well as gifts for beach lovers. This fun store also has a website for on-line sales; so even if you cannot come to southern California and/or are land-locked with no local beach of your own, you can mail-order seashells, enjoy their beauty, and use them in a variety of educational ways.  For more on the California Seashell Company and many interesting lesson plan ideas using seashells, please visit:

In most parts of the northern hemisphere, summer is a time of growth.  If you enjoy outdoor recreation, generally you will be surrounded by interesting plant life.  Even if you are a homebody, in summer you will generally buy and eat more vegetables and fruits.  That makes summer an optimal time to learn more about plants. In “Nurturing Budding Botanists – Learning and Teaching the Basics of Plant Science”, Sara L. Ambarian offers numerous ideas for getting kids interested in plant life during day-to-day activities and summer outings.  You can find this article at:

Nature’s Workshop Plus!  is a family-run business which sells books, science kits and equipment, and many products to help you enjoy your time outdoors this summer.  Check out their summer specials page for some fun ideas.

Coyote Creek’s “Animal Safari: A Learning Journey” eight-volume DVD series was designed to acquaint young people with the characteristics, behaviors, and habitats of many diverse animals. In most of the programs, members of the audience are invited to touch, hold, and gently interact with the animals. You could use these DVDs to pique children’s interest in animals before an outing, or just as an indoor “adventure”.

Ampersand Press specializes in educational games and nature stamps.  Learn and play at the same time, while familiarizing your students with animal characteristics, food chain concepts, biodiversity, backwoods lore, and more!  Explore the possibilities on their site, and be sure to check the Newsletter page for additional educational links.

Another obvious scientific study for outdoor summer activities is meteorology.  We are out in the weather more if we are active outdoors in the summer; and on these long days, we also have the time to really notice what is going on in the sky above us.  There is more to summer weather study than the pleasant pastime of lying in the grass imagining clouds are animals, angels or castles. Understanding and following the forecasts of summer weather can also be a safety issue.  Depending on the region where you live and/or travel, you might need to adjust your outdoor plans due to heat, rain, and/or severe weather.  Teaching children about weather can be fun and interesting. It can also help them understand why when weather impacts their lives and plans. For more on meteorology, plus lots of definitions, experiments, puzzles, and safety tips, visit meteorologist Crystal Wicker’s excellent Weather Wiz Kids website:

Loosened bedtime schedules and warmer evenings also make stargazing a natural scientific pursuit for the summer. For more technical information to get you started, visit:  For a charming perspective on enjoying the night sky with children, please read “On Stargazing With Children” by Kimberly Misra, from, October 30, 2006:

Whatever you do this summer, remember to notice and appreciate the ever-changing beauties and unique characteristics of the natural world around us, and to share those observations with the young people in your life.