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Indoor Activities Get You Out of the Sun

on July 14, 2011

While many of us enjoy our “fun in the sun” during the summer, it is also nice to take break on the hottest days (or during the hottest times of day) to pursue some quiet, indoor pursuits. Others of us do not have the opportunities and/or resources for a lot of outings, while some children need to be kept indoors for health reasons. Whatever the reason you are staying close to home and/or classroom, there’s no need to run out of things to do. Free reading or reading aloud are always relaxing options, so keep lots of good books around.  Crafts, cooking and games are also great ways to learn and have fun indoors.

Georgette Baker of Cantemos has shared instructions for a very simple and cute Octopus Napkin Holder craft, which uses materials you probably have around the house.

A little bit older, more advanced crafters will enjoy the detailed lesson plans for making a simple friendship bracelet offered by Dale Gausman of North American Montessori Center. \

For more creative summer crafts, visit Bountiful Spinning and Weaving ‘s kids’ page.  They offer a wide variety of textile-related kits and materials for crafters of all ages.

If you prefer a fun project you can eat, you might enjoy Fun Felt for Kids’ three pirate-themed snack recipes. You can make Treasure Chests, Pirate Ships, and Cannonballs. Cannonballs.  Eat up, me hearties!

Another tasty recipe which even small children can participate in making is Dianne from Conceptual Learning’s Summer Fruit, Cheese and Meat Kabobs.  These simple kabobs are attractive and grown-up enough for a party or barbecue.

To satisfy your summer sweet tooth in a healthy way, while learning life skills, try this Watermelon Blueberry Banana Split recipe. It includes very detailed instructions on how to set up and use an assembly line process. This one is a classic from the late Kathy O’Reilly’s “Cooking with Children Can Be Easy”.

For indoor fun which also hones children’s word skills, Alan Stillson of Stillsonworks offers some interesting puzzles from his book, Middle School Word Puzzles, and

Excellence in Education also sells many types of fun and educational games you might enjoy.

Have fun!

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