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Summer Reading Round-Up

on May 7, 2012

With summer holidays and trips ahead, now is a perfect time to start exploring your students’ recreational reading options.  We have put together a variety of ideas to help get you and your students excited about literature both for free reading and for reading aloud as a family or class group. From pre-readers to teenagers, we have recommendations for every age group, and from many genres.

We surveyed the American Montessori Consulting Resource Center partners for their favorite titles for families and young readers.  You can find a listing of the results in “Children’s Books for Summer Reading, Part One– Resource partner picks” at

We also put the word out to students, parents, grandparents, teachers and others who value reading.  The favorites of this diverse group, from 7 years old to 80 years old, are listed in “Children’s Books for Summer Reading, Part Two– Community recommendations”.

Rita from shares both book suggestions and lesson ideas in the following three articles, “Howls With Owls”, “And the Winner Is…”, and “Start With the Winners”. Her recommendations focus on award winners and classic literature.

If you are longing for a taste of the Great Outdoors, you may enjoy the 19th and 20th century titles recommended by Sara L. Ambarian in “Classic Nature and Outdoor Adventure Fiction for Kids and Families.” This listing spans from very simple read-alouds to teen-appropriate fiction.

The Lord Company offers free downloadable books in their Simple Steps Reading Series. These parable-based early reading stories are printed in single pages, which the student can help to download, bind and decorate.  This makes the book not just a tool for lessons, but a potential keepsake; and their participation in creating the book is a good daily life exercise, as well.

Are you still looking for more reading resources? 

This list includes some great books you may not have thought about in quite a while.

The search features at can help you locate your local branch library –or perhaps a library near a vacation destination–  so you can be sure not to run out of reading materials!

* * * *

For those of you who are tech-oriented, there is another library service gaining popularity across the country—downloading free electronic books from your local library.  Some busy readers find it useful to have a single book available to read on their home computer, iPod and other electronic devices as time and inclination allow.  If this sounds like something which might interest you, here is some additional information to get you started. posted an article and poll data comparing electronic books with print books on their blog on April 17, 2012.

This is a very interesting article about the advantages and disadvantages of borrowing e-books from the library.

Here’s another short how-to article/video about downloading e-books from your public library.

This site is a good example of a big city library system’s e-books offerings.  Your library’s offerings may vary.

This seems to be the main search engine for libraries with e-book services. You may find yours here, too.

Happy reading!

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