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This Summer Add Some Cheer to the Life of a Shut-In

on July 11, 2012

If you haven’t had an opportunity to read the article in the Montessori Community Service Projects reblog below, please do so now.


You can easily adapt the Valentine project for a meaningful summer camp group activity, as well as solitary summer homescooling project.  The green bag pictured below was purchased from Fabrics.  See If this item is not sale priced when you view it, try purchasing something comparable at the Dollar Tree, Michaels, etc.

Appliques and beads were added to give a festive look!  Trial sized perfumes, hand lotions, and other useful gift items can easily be tucked inside each bag designed. For a special finishing touch, wrap your small gift items in coordinating colorful tissue paper purchased at the dollar store.


Heidi Anne Spietz

American Montessori Consulting

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