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Winter Science and Technology

Every season brings its own opportunities and inspirations.  Winter is a great time to delve into complex subjects and practice new skills through books and technology, because it may be more enjoyable to stay indoors more of the time than in other seasons.  It is also an opportune time to study scientific phenomena which are related to or only occur during the winter months.


General science activities—


Teachers share a variety of winter science projects here:


For preschoolers:


For more miscellaneous lesson ideas, check out these resources: , ,


Get more ideas for outdoor science activities from this informative article from the Worcester (Massachusetts) Telegram & Gazette, “Winter is perfect bird-watching weather”.


For high-quality equipment and resources to help you go in-depth in wide variety of science subjects, check out Schoolmasters Science.   


Weather-related subjects—


Start your meteorological studies with this article on understanding winter weather subjects.


From the BBC, watch “How do you survive in the coldest place on Earth?”


While you are learning about extreme temperatures, perhaps you or your students missed this story about the interesting controversy over the world’s hottest recorded temperature.


For more information on low and high temperatures around the world, this site has many interesting facts and links.


Enjoy these interesting videos about and images of ice and snow.  


Time lapse footage of ice forming on a window in Fairbanks, Alaska.


The BBC presents The Secret Life of Ice (four 15 minute parts)


Here you will find pretty much everything you could possibly want to know about snow crystals, with lots of beautiful photos, from CalTech’s Dr. Kenneth G. Libbrecht.  This article from the Billings Gazette features an interview with Dr. Libbrecht and many interesting snowflake facts.


Look at ice a different way with Exploration Education’s “To Float or Not to Float” experiment.


Don’t live in an icy area?  This is an informative article with many representative photos of the various types of “temperate” climate.


This page from the University of California Museum of Palentology about the forest biome (and more) is also packed with great information.




Some folks dream big dreams during long winters. The Swedes have created an amazing astronomical map that spreads across their entire country.  Check out the Swedish Solar System.  What big project might you dream up this winter?


Between storms, winter skies can be very good for astronomical observations. This informative web “tour” from 45 degrees North Latitude will get you and your students excited about bundling up and checking out your own night sky.


For more ideas, equipment and resource materials for exploring the night sky, check out the extensive astronomy section at Nature’s Workshop Plus!


Learn new computer and technology skills on your computer—


Find free on-line typing lessons (plus much more, check the side bar).


Miscellaneous on-line computer tutorials and resources (many are free).


Get young kids playing chess.


For parents and teachers—


If your students are using the internet unsupervised, you may be interested in these lessons in on-line safety.


This article discusses some of the uses, advantages and a few disadvantages of technology in homeschooling. 

For more about technology and homeschooling, take this interesting Discovery quiz.

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