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Summer is Coming – Part II

on April 17, 2013

The beauty and slower pace of summer brings out the artist in some children (and adults.) If you have an art fan in the house, check out these neat summer art inspirations, especially the Van Gogh sunflowers and underwater self-portraits, which really show off each child’s personal style.

You will find more miscellaneous summer arts and crafts here: art and music)

 Maria Montessori once said “…the senses, being explorers of the world, open the way to knowledge.” Many children find nature a feast for their senses, especially in summer, when plants and animals are growing strong.  If your summer plans include getting up close and personal with nature, you will find great information and ideas here:

Getting too much sun during your outdoor activities, or visiting a historical site on summer travels?  This free pioneer bonnet pattern sews up fairly easily with a very attractive result.  Children will need a little help interpreting and taping together the pattern, partly due to the multiple pretty brim styles included; but the actual sewing would not be too difficult for a child who has done a little sewing and has helpful adult supervision.

A lot of museums, zoos, cities, counties, etc., schedule inexpensive or free activities for children and families during the summer months. Search the internet using your local city, county, or venue name and “free summer activities”, “free summer classes” or “free summer camps”, and see what is offered in your area. You might also consider these nationwide ideas.

Although summer  is almost two months away, but we all know it usually seems to fly by.  So, start making plans now to make the most of this wonderful season!

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