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Sizzling Summertime 2015 Lesson Plans


Learn how to make and fly a kite in your neck of the woods.

Planning a trip to Southern California? All the fun is not necessary had at the amusement parks. Take a side trip to Seal Beach, a quaint beach town, that has much to offer. While there, you won’t want to miss the monthly Seal Beach Kite Club meetings. Click here to see what the city of Seal Beach has in store for you and your family. Then, venture to Hobby City for some additional free hands-on fun.


Learn how to make a band in minutes. Yes, you and your children can make a coffee can drum and yogurt container shakers by following the easy instructions provided by

Montessorian Dale Gausman will show you how to make and introduce rhythm sticks in your school and home classrooms. Click here for details.

The Blow Ye Winds , Paddle Wheeler and Erie Canal – and Wabash Cannonball are free extension activities from the guide written by Dr. Kathryn A. Short, for Kimbo’s CD release: “Songs About America,” Celebrating America Through Song.. See Kimbo for details.

Download The Number Eating Alligator from and discover how these songs can be incorporated into your ECE and elementary math and music lesson planning. Click here for details.

Marjorie Kiel Persons presents two marvelous integrated lessons for your summer music presentations. – Water Music Alla Hornpipe by George Frideric Handel. and Oh, How I Love Italy ? Music, Art, and Food seasoned with History and Geography See Click on this link to access both lesson plans.


Dale Gausman, owner of the North American Montessori Center, shows how children can plan, prepare, and execute a Spring or Summer Tea. Dale’s Friendship Salad makes a perfect addition to the Spring Tea menu or any other event planned for the upcoming months. Click here for details.

Encourage children to try making some new recipes this summer! Make lunchtime interesting by including some rollie poultries and stuffed apples into your meal planning. See

Learn how to present an authentic Montessori food unit study featuring the yummy Watermelon Blueberry Banana Split recipe.

DIanne Knesek, Montessori teacher and owner of Conceptual Learning, shares a mouth watering Summer Fruit, Cheese, and Meat Kabobs recipe. Visit this link for complete information

Planning a unit study about pirates? Try these three pirate snack ideas – Treasure Chests, Pirate Ships and Cannonballs, all of which, can be easily integrated into any pirate unit study. Click here to access the recipes.

For a festive change, create your own hot dog buffet and serve some fudge cupcakes for dessert. Then, cool down your lazy afternoon with some delicious green smoothies.


Are you looking for an additional aid to help inspire good penmanship? Nan Barchowsky may have just what you need. Check out A Bit of Yarn for Good Pen Hold by clicking here.


Begin the summer science learning adventure with hands on fun. Children will discover how to change the color of a flower and how water travels up plants by participating in the Changing a Flower’s Color activity submitted by Dale Gausman. See for details.

John, from Exploration Education, presents an excellent, fun-filled simple and effective activity about static electricity is for children six and up. Click here for details.

Invite children to vicariously go on an animal safari! To access resources for a unit study, visit

Children marvel at identifying the different birds that they encounter at the park, beach or even in their backyard. Find out how Backyard Birds can be incorporated into your ornithology presentations by visiting

Rae, from Creative Process, shares a leaf print activity that combines the study of botany with art. To access this information, visit

Richard, from the Montessori Materials LORD Company, is offering FREE reading books, and a Montessori land and water labels

Easily create a seashell unit study. Quickly locate links to seashell classification materials and other resources by visiting


Summer gardening can be especially meaningful if you plan ahead. A Gardening Unit Study (With the Focus on Summer)Montessori Lessons will provide the info you need to customize your garden lesson planning. Find the gardening resources and lesson plans now, so that you embark on your summer gardening journey when late May arrives.

In Nurturing Budding Botanists – Learning and Teaching the Basics of Plant Science, author Sara L. Ambarian has provided the indepth botany lesson planning information and resources needed Click here for details.


Receive some free hands-on algebra exercises designed by Dr. Henry Borenson See Hands On Equations for details. Check out DIanne Knesek’s Montessori problem solving lessons by clicking here.


What type of learner is your child? Mariaemma, from Coaching for Learning Success(tm), has the resources you need to discover the answer to this question, plus she has generously contributed her Basketball and Whole Body Memorizing Activity. Access this information, as well as The Whole Body Learner – Gifted for Moving! article by visiting Click here for details.

Stillsonworks offers more unique puzzles designed for middle school students. Try your hand at the free exercises included by clicking here Access additional FREE puzzles for children/teens by visiting

Be sure to check out the cooperative games by Rae from Creative Process. (Click here for details.)

THIS and THAT…. Additional unique, creative lesson planning info.

Rae from Creative Process generously has provided the following free activities], articles, and lesson plans: Calendar Activity, Teacher as Curator : Setting up a School Gallery and Sharing Food, Food in Art? Access this information by clicking here

Are you taking your class on a literature journey? Why not start with the classics. Let Rita Arpaia of show you how. Point your browser to Read Rita’s other articles and learn more about how’s resources for your school and homeschool libraries.

Sara Ambarian has written a two part article which will further help you with your selection of children’s books. In Part I of her article, you will learn about the books selected by the AMC resource participants.

In Part I read about community recommendations. This balanced article is sure to help you select just the right books for your school and homeschool classrooms.

If you would like to view the complete table of contents of the newsletter, or you have experienced any difficulties accessing the links above, please visit

Now, with these fun activities, recipes and lessons, you are set to make this summer the best yet!

Heidi Anne Spietz

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Far-Off Places – Lessons with an International Flavor

In our quest to provide children with an environment that is both “living” and beautiful, as prescribed by Maria Montessori, international and multicultural studies are a natural. The world is full of beautiful scenery, varied flora and fauna, fascinating costumes, delicious foods, and interesting traditions which can broaden and enrich our children.  If you need some ideas for bringing international and multicultural concepts into your lessons, check out these resources.

Get your students in the mood for world exploration with this soothing old standard, which was a 1948 hit for Margaret Whiting, and a song well-loved by many famous singers through the years.

Get festive in “Down Under” style with our Christmas in Australia Unit Study, including traditions, southern hemisphere Christmas flora, recipes, maps, and more.

Find lesson planning ideas for the study of ancient Egypt, and the “Go Fish” for Ancient Egypt card game from Birdcage Press both at

Georgette from Cantemos  offers a Pineapple Unit Study, including a dried pineapple recipe, geography, and music.   For more about pineapples:

Marjorie from Classical Magic offers Study Activities for Vivaldi’s Winter from The Four Seasons.   For more Italian unit study information visit  Share lovely images of Italy in the winter to help students envision Vivaldi’s world at: and  For general photos of Italian cities, navigate at upper left.

If you have a country or culture in mind, but cannot find unit study materials, check out Make Your Own Multicultural Lesson Plans, Parts I and II. and

Find more inspiration and information at the University of Missouri’s round-up of websites with information about childhood in different countries around the world. provides fast-fact overviews of childhood in selected countries.

Enhance your lessons with these nice coloring pages with international costumes.

Use masks and mask-making in your lessons with ideas from Rae of The Creative Process.

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Springtime Hands On Learning

Welcome to Springtime at American Montessori Consulting

Visit Spring/Summer 1998. and Spring/Summer 1999. These newsletters were recently revised.

A sampling of what is featured in the 1998 issue appears below:

• interdisciplinary lessons involving shape, color, science and math.

• new color gradient learning ideas

• Butterflies – Lessons and Observations

• categorize gems according to color.

• lessons in shapes and mathematics for middle school students

Visit Springtime Celebrations to access the following:

Gardening & Other Springtime Nature Activities
and Theme Lesson Planning

• Ampersand Press – Games and Wildlife Stamps

• Childsake – Nature and the Environmen

• Farm Country General Store – Open Pollinated Seeds

• Fun Felt Newsletter Article Loaded with Free Butterfly Lesson Planning Ideas

• Fun Felt – Science Theme Lesson Planning with Felt

• Free Birdhouse Plans and Patterns

• Free Gardening Tips and More

• Free Information Source – Seashells for Classified Reading Exercises

• Free Lesson Planning Butterfly Links

• Garden Artisans – Newsletters, Projects and More

• Garden Forever for Gardeners of All Ages and Abilities

• Joyful Noise – Theme Related Materials – Wonderful Selection of Science Materials

• Lab Essentials, Inc. – Microscopes for Science Investigational Studies

• Nature’s Workshop Plus!

• Priority Montessori Materials – Hands On Science

• Science Kits and Activities

• Spring Gardening with Children – Make a Tepee (Free Instructions)

• Wildflowers – Free Lesson Planning Ideas

Springtime Art Activities

• For School and Home Classrooms

• – Find the Perfect Nature and/or Springtime Theme Books

• Creative Care – Ideas Books (Jenny’s Spring Crafts)

• Free Making Art from Seashells Activity

• Free Seashell Painting

• Nature’s Workshop Plus


• Paper Mache Pinata

• Celebrating Cinco de Mayo at The Holiday Zone

• Lesson Plan – Subtopic – Cinco de Mayo

• A Unit Study Lesson Plan About Mexico in?Spanish

• More Interdisciplinary Lesson Planning ~ Spanish Lessons and Cinco de Mayo

• Cinco de Mayo ~ Excellent Background Information

• Cinco de Mayo Recipes

• Creative Care – Ideas Books (Jenny’s Crafts)

• Free Mother’s Day History and Activities

• History of Memorial Day

• Memorial Day

• Free Father’s Day Projects

• Free Easter History and Activities

• Free Passover Ideas

Happy Spring!!


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A Movie About Maria Montessori Worth Watching

Many of us spend parts of the day multitasking. I often find it easier to endure my time walking on the treadmill, by watching some informative television program. Usually, I watch some type of political programming; however, early last night, for some odd reason, I found myself channel surfing. With the remote control in hand, I sped by numerous channels featuring inane shows, Suddenly, my eyes briefly caught the intro to something that was actually astonishing. I saw the television title header María Montessori: Una Vida Dedicada a los Niños flicker for a second on the television screen. What did I just see? Quickly, my finger hit the back button on the remote, to make sure that I wasn’t seeing things. I wasn’t!! However, I still couldn’t believe my eyes.

My timing was indeed fortuitous. Within minutes, the dialogue validated that I was watching the opening scenes of the film, María Montessori: Una Vida Dedicada a los Niños (Maria Montessori: A Life Dedicate to the Children). I stood there for a while, just listening and observing. Within minutes, I could see that this production would fall into the genre of Masterpiece Theater rather than some poorly acted and scripted B movie. Fine. I had made the decision to watch. At this point, I was intrigued just enough to see if the film was an accurate account of Maria Montessori’s life or just a another docufiction.

What unfolded before me was a well acted, scripted and produced account of Maria Montessori’s life. I found myself being vicariously transported back into time. Throughout the entire movie, Maria’s genuine love and concern for children was permeable. Many of Maria’s struggles, heartaches and victories that we have read about were accurately and thoughtfully brought before the audience for the viewer’s contemplation. I kept marveling at Maria’s courage and determination. Aspects of Maria Montessori’s personal life, including her relationship with her son Mario, were also disclosed.

It was very evident that the writers, producers, actors and others concerned with the making of this film really took the genius of Maria Montessori’s life seriously and had taken precautions not to use an artistic license to distort facts.

Maria’s many struggles to adopt new pedagogy in various countries were examined, and her conversations, which were at times quite intense, underscored her desire to never compromise her beliefs. As we know, Maria was so ahead of her time. Consequently, her so called “radical” thinking was very difficult for the Bourgeoisie of that day to accept.

Scoffers who had dismissed the children running rampant through the streets of Rome as being uneducable, later saw a great transformation. What they later witnessed were children working calming and independently with Maria Montessori’s didactic materials. Her nemeses also saw these same children engaging interactively, showing courtesy and respect to each other as they washed and dried the dishes in a typical Montessori practical life setting.

Bits and pieces of Mussolini’s prevailing fascist doctrine and Maria’s refusal to make the children believe in a fascist mentality were exposed. To allow otherwise, would be contrary to what she advocated. After all, she believed in individuality and didn’t want children to live in a suppressed society where their voices would go unheard and their individuality lost.

The actress who portrayed Maria Montessori did so beautifully. I was amazed with her striking resemblance to Maria Montessori. I believe, the persona this actress displayed would be appreciated by Maria Montessori as well. The actress artfully captured Maria’s intellect, sensitivity and genuine love of children. She brilliantly portrayed the essence of Maria’s pure frustration in being unable to take action when, for example, witnessing firsthand children being abused.

Watching the scenes of children being beaten and otherwise abused, and seeing Maria’s reaction was difficult to sit through. All of us who have seen a child or children being physically or verbally abused can relate to that level of discomfort. Like Maria, whenever possible, we try to be proactive and stop the abuse. We try to follow her example.

If you know about Maria Montessori’s life, and understand some Spanish, you can easily sit through and watch the movie without feeling overly tired. It’s well worth watching and serves as a powerful reminder of our collective role as stewards in the lives of the many children who traverse our paths during our lifetime.

Indeed, Maria Montessori’s example for us, especially when acted out in a movie, becomes a vivid reminder of her legacy and how and why it has endured for more than a century.

Where to view –

Use to find out when and on what television stations this film will next be televised.

Some additional links to visit include:

The Sensitive Period for the Acquisition of Language

Walking the Line: Montessori Style

Homeschooling? Feeling stressed out? Let me offer a few suggestions…

Heidi Anne Spietz


New Sizzling Summertime Montessori Creative Lesson Planning

Visit to access the new 2012 edition!

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Springtime Celebrations Lesson Planning

Visit Springtime Celebrations to access the following lesson plans:

• Fun Felt Newsletter Article Loaded with Free Butterfly Lesson Planning Ideas

• Fun Felt – Science Theme Lesson Planning with Felt

• Free Birdhouse Plans and Patterns

• Free Gardening Tips amd More

• Free Information Source – Seashells for Classified Reading Exercises

• Free Lesson Planning Butterfly Links

• Garden Artisans – Newsletters, Projects and More

• Garden Forever for Gardeners of All Ages and Abilities

• Spring Gardening with Children – Make a Tepee (Free Instructions)

• Wildflowers – Free Lesson Planning Ideas

Springtime Art Activities

• Free Making Art from Seashells Activity

• Free Seashell Painting

• Paper Mache Pinata

• Celebrating Cinco de Mayo at The Holiday Zone

• Lesson Plan – Subtopic – Cinco de Mayo

• A Unit Study Lesson Plan About Mexico in Spanish

• More Interdisciplinary Lesson Planning ~ Spanish Lessons and Cinco de Mayo

• Cinco de Mayo ~ Excellent Background Information

• Cinco de Mayo Recipes

• Free Mother’s Day History and Activities

• History of Memorial Day

• Memorial Day

• Free Father’s Day Projects

• Free Easter History and Activities

• Free Passover Ideas

• AMC Montessori Spring Hands-On Newsletter Part I

• AMC Montessori Spring Hands-On Newsletter Part II

• AMC Montessori Spring Hands-On Newsletter Part III

• AMC Montessori Spring Hands-On Newsletter Part IV

• AMC Montessori Spring Hands-On Newsletter Part V

• AMC Montessori Spring Hands-On Newsletter Part VI

• AMC Montessori Spring Hands-On Newsletter Part VII

• AMC Montessori Spring Hands-On Newsletter Part VIII

• AMC Montessori Spring Hands-On Newsletter Part IX

Happy Springtime!


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Spring Forward With Some Free Exciting Lesson Plans

Peruse through the entire lessons.

Then,  download the new AMC Montessori Hands-On Creative Lesson Planning Newsletter. You can also access this newsletter by visiting and clicking on the new eBook Library.

Below, is just a partial listing of the offerings included in the newly uploaded AMC Montessori Spring Hands-On Newsletter.

Part I – AMC Spring Newsletter

Georgette shows us how to use newspaper to make a festive hat for Easter, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day and shares many multicultural techniques for combining Spanish and English in the classroom.

Part II – AMC Spring Newsletter

Jan shares information about the imaginative Hippitty Hoppitty Bunny Topiary: Jan has donated a pair of gardening gloves for the March Montessori drawing. See for details and to enter.

Rae continues to show us why we should visit the Creative Process website. Her
innovative ideas will greatly add to your spring lesson planning.

Put some music in your young child’s life with Shari and Jerry – Speak and Sing. Children will love making and using the tambourine/maracas , drums, tome tests and shaker/maracas as well as participating in the Here is My Bunny – Finger Play activity.

Karen shares tips on how to make your own flannel board and homemade ice cream.

Part III – AMC Spring Newsletter

John shares his entertaining as well as educational activities entitled “I CAN’T TAKE THE PRESSURE and The Needle Proof Balloon.”

Nan shows us how to make some truly beautiful “homemade” colored Easter eggs.

Does your middle school student enjoy participating in fun, challenging puzzles? Are you looking for some activities to help your student prepare for the ACT or SAT?

If so, you are likely to find some wonderful puzzles here to supplement your language presentations in this section of the newsletter.

Part IV — AMC Spring Newsletter

Rita, from the North American Montessori Center, shares two outstanding Montessori extension exercises – My Family Tree and Marble Design Paper.

Part V – AMC Spring Newsletter

Marie and Kim illustrate how drawing helps children develop a mental map. We discover a Montessori extension exercise that is designed for age group 5 to 95. 🙂

Part VI – AMC Spring Newsletter

Dr.Borenson, from Hands-On Equations®,  offers more samples of algebraic concepts.


Download free French and Spanish songs with translations from Professor Toto.

Part VII- AMC Spring Newsletter

Ruth shares a needlepoint lesson which is designed for students 12 years and older.

Marjorie shares a lesson plan for springtime from The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi.

Barbara takes on an exciting journey to explore how we can use images from the web as part of a notebook approach to history.  Barbara has also generously shared her new Ancient Egypt Mini Unit.

Don’t forget to read Part VIII – AMC Spring Newsletter

Diana, from Nature’s Workshop Plus, knows that we are all looking forward to the beauty of spring, so she showers us with some springtime nature activities that are sure to be enjoyed in any Montessori environment.

Are you interested is seeing how you can integrate letter recognition, phonics and drawing into your lesson planning?  Sharon has provided some wonderful free sample lessons from her Artsy Animals Learn to Read book.

Montessorian Kathy O’Reilly uses eggs as the focus of food related exercises. Her multi-subject integrated approach is supplemented with a Booklist for additional extension lessons.

This post contains only a very small sampling of what is offered in this newsletter.All of the lessons contained in the newsletter are free of charge.

American Montessori Consulting

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A Unit Study Lesson Plan About Mexico in Spanish

The website below is designed for Spanish speaking children who are seeking to learn more about Mexico. If your child is learning to read Spanish, encourage him to visit: 

México para Niños.

To supplement the unit study, educators will also want to visit:

Méxican Paper Cutting

Folded Friendship Knot Card

Author of: Reading, Writing and Spelling in Spanish I

See also: Spanish Montessori


Origami Lessons in Spanish

Is your child learning Spanish? Does he speak, read and write it fluently?

If you have had an opportunity to peruse through the different posts here at Montessori 21st Century Weblog you will notice that I have posted often about origami and how it can be used in conjunction with art, math and pratical life lesson planning.

If your child can read Spanish, he is in for a real treat. Below, is a website that offers instruction in origami plus other related Spanish arts and crafts.

Spanish origami

Enjoy! 🙂
Author of:
Reading, Writing and Spelling in Spanish I

See also:
Montessori Spanish

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