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Practical Life Lessons for the Holidays

Please see for updated 2014 lesson planning ideas!



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Starting the School Year Right: Back-to-School Ideas for the Montessori School and Home Classrooms

Most of us—teachers, parents, and students alike—want to start each school year off as pleasantly and productively as possible.  If you are reading this, you are obviously taking extra steps to make the most of the educational opportunities available, which is wonderful both for you and for the children with whom you come into contact.  We hope that some of the following ideas will help get you in the spirit as you start the new school year.

Remembering why we’re here

Since Maria Montessori’s philosophy is child-centered and prioritizes an orderly, inspirational atmosphere, your mindset and focus as a facilitator are crucial. Perhaps you could benefit from a little inspiration “from the source”, in the form of the following Maria Montessori information:

You can also read more about Maria Montessori and other famous people with Montessori education connections at The Creative Process:

Meeting new classmates and working as a group

Dale Gausman, from North American Montessori Center, shares a simple “Getting to Know  Each Other” activity, which  focuses on listening and speaking skills while helping students relate to one another.

Rita, also from North American Montessori Center, provides instructions for making a “Friendship Tree” with personalized, hand-printed paper leaves for each student.  This fun project will also make an attractive classroom decoration.

Find both of these classroom ideas at

Hands-on gardening projects

Another way to get students working together right from the start, and to celebrate the start of a new class community is to plant a tree. Rae, from The Creative Process, provides lesson ideas and resources for this class project here:

More information and educational ideas are also available from the Arbor Day Foundation:

Continuing with botanical/gardening themes, Rae also encourages you to use autumn to plan for your classroom spring garden. This makes good sense for gardeners young and old. Many autumn garden chores can make spring planting easier, fall is when seed catalogs become available to plan your order, and off-season planning can increase interest when spring arrives. Also, looking at the photos and descriptions of beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables is very cheering as the weather starts to turn cool and gloomy.  See Rae’s tips here:

Why not kick your garden plans into high gear with new resource material to study over the fall and winter?  Farm Country General Store has a number of interesting gardening books, like All New Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew, on sale now at

For more fall garden planning/chores, check out these interesting sites:

Staying calm and focused

Many children (and adults) find the start of school stressful, with re-adjusting to a more structured environment, spending more time away from family, meeting new classmates, etc.  To help, Georgette Baker of Cantemos bilingual music and books suggests simple “Relaxation Exercises for the Classroom”. These techniques are basic enough to use with very young children, but can also benefit all of us – in or out of the classroom or homeschool environment. Why not take a moment to find out more at:


For more miscellaneous ideas, here’s a round-up of back-to-school ideas for both classroom and homeschool environments:


For all of your year round lesson planning, visit and


AMC Online Resource Directory Celebrates 10th Year

The American Montessori Consulting Online Resource Center is celebrating its 10th anniversary. From August – October, members of
the online resource center will be donating special prizes for the monthly drawing.

Visit to see the list of 1st place and 2nd place prizes.

Then, visit AMC Online Resource Center to enter the August drawing.

Read the directions. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page, to complete the entry form process.

Be sure to click the links on the AMC Online Resource Directory Why waste valuable time, when you can easily receive the services and products from the eclectic array of companies and organizations featured in this directory?

Wishing you a productive upcoming school year,

Celebrating 22 Years of Serving School and Home Educators
Montessori for the 21st Century

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Montessorian Dianne Knesek to Appear at Upcoming AMS Conference

Conceptual Learning –

Dianne Knesek, of Conceptual Learning, will be attending the national American Montessori Society Conference in Boston, March 25th through March 28th. If you are planning to attend the conference stop by the Conceptual Learning booth to chat with her. Please see Part I Spring Newsletter for information about a free math materials from Conceptual Learning.

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Became a Fan of AMC Montessori Facebook

Became a fan of the relatively new American Montessori Consulting Facebook page. Receive up to the minute Montessori related announcements. See American Montessori Consulting Facebook for details.

Be sure to also visit the American Montessori Consulting website. This websites incorporates much of the material presented by AMC since its inception in 1988!

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Montessorians Sing Peace (Scheduled for 9/21/09)

>>I thought you might be interested in an upcoming world-wide Montessori event, in case you have not heard of it. It’s called “Sing Peace Around the World,” and on Monday, September 21, Montessori schools from over 30 countries around the world will be singing the song, “Light a Candle for Peace,” continuously for 24 hours!

Our school will be participating, and since we are in Hawaii, we will be in the final time zone. Here is the website, for more information:<<


Kathy Shirakawa

Director of Marketing and Admissions

Montessori Community School

Honolulu, Hawaii

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