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Montessori Lessons to Jumpstart 2016!

Happy New Year!!

Below are links to jump start your Montessori lesson planning for the new year.

Many of these lessons are free!

Getting Ready for a “New” Year

Animals in the Winter Unit Study Free Lesson Plans

Valentine Day Links

Montessori Winter-Themed Activities from NAMC Part I

Montessori Winter-Themed Activities from NAMC Part II

Gardening Year Round – Tips from an Expert

Beginning a Spring Garden at Home or School

Spring Tea

Year End Activities

Draw Your World Lesson Plans

Children’s Books for Summer Reading – Part II

Bird-watching with Children

Monthly Observances and Notable Data

Science Activity “I CAN’T TAKE THE PRESSURE!”

Celebrating the Personal Life of George Washington – lesson planning ideas

Valentine Origami Art & Math Activities

A Movie About Maria Montessori Worth Watching

AMC Montessori Winter Hands On Lessons

Hands-On Interdisciplinary Learning

Winter Science Links

Want more?? Click on the links below for additional free lessons and articles that are available only at the website :

Italy – Links for a Montessori Unit Study

A Maria Montessori Movie Worth Seeing

Gardening Year Round – Tips from an Expert

AMC Holiday Montessori Grammar Bingo and Extension Exercises

Apples and Oranges – Links for Montessori Unit Study

Study of the Human Respiratory System – Links for Montessori Unit Study

Medical Terminology – Links for Montessori Unit Study

The Human Cardiovascular System – Links for Montessori Unit Study

Cardiology Terminology

The Human Nervous System – Links for Montessori Unit Study

Let’s Go on an Animal Safari – See Part VII

More in store for you in 2016!

Visit often throughout 2016 to discover new Montessori lesson planning.


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Autumn Adventures in Hands-On Science with Exploration Education

Maria Montessori knew that children would tire of memorizing facts and learning about scientific concepts that seemed vague or difficult to comprehend.    Without the relevance of seeing how science can actually relate to everyday life, children can become disinterested and disengaged from this discipline.  Therefore, home and school educators are continually searching for ways to make this subject exciting and meaningful.   They want exercises that are easy to present, easy to understand and encourage the student to engage in further independent reading and study.    Exploration Education meets these goals and more by specializing in a unique science base hands-on curriculum that can be tailored to meet the student’s needs.   See for complete details.

You can access the following free hands-on activities that you can use right now and in the months

Money to Burn
Push or Pull
To Float, or not to Float
Air Lift
One turn deserves another
Floating Eggs
It’s Needling Me
Plastic Milk
Soap that grows
The Invisible Leash
The little big bounce
Can do
Speed boat soap
The Flame Proof Balloon
I can’t take the pressure
Static Charge
Needle proof balloon
Simply Sound
Heat Transfer, thermodynamics, and a rubber band
To view these activities please visit:
Exploration Education Activities.

Some of these activities can be downloaded into .pdf format. See below.

AMC Summer Hands-On Newsletter
AMC Fall Hands-On Newsletter
AMC Spring Hands-On Newsletter

Be sure to stay tuned to Montessori21stCentury for the unveiling of the winter hands-on newsletter where you will find an additional activity in .pdf format from Exploration Education.

Finally, don’t forget to enter the special AMC 25th Anniversary Drawing.  To see the list of prizes available visit Montessori 25th Anniversary Drawing.

To enter the drawing, please visit AMC Online Resource Directory  Scroll to the bottom and complete the entry blank.
Heidi Anne Spietz
American Montessori Consulting

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Accentuating Autumn with Some Innovative Lesson Planning Ideas

With autumn approaching, it’s time to review what’s new and relevant for the autumn months.

Please click on the following links for free lesson planning information:

Free Fall Lesson Planning

Free Fall Art Lessons for Montessorians

The Three R’s for Autumn Lesson Planning

Around the World in Food and Culture

Refocusing on Reading and Writing

Time to Tune Up on Math

Starting the School Year Right Back-to-School Ideas for the Montessori School and Home Classrooms

A Bilingual Spanish/English Unit Study About Plants

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Compass Montessori: A Possible Blueprint for a Model Montessori Charter School

Compass Montessori is a pioneer in Montessori charter education.

Here is the latest breaking news from Nathan Drake. 

 “I am excited to be joining Compass Montessori,” said Bill Kottenstette, Compass’s new Executive Director.  “Compass has accomplished so much since it was founded in 1997, and is truly delivering on its promise to utilize authentic Montessori methods to nurture the whole child.  Now we have the opportunity to lay the professional foundation for the school’s continued growth,” Mr. Kottenstette continued. 

“Since our charter was approved in 1997, Compass has evolved from a start-up to its current status as a viable, ongoing educational institution, recognized as a leader in Montessori education both nationally and internationally,” said Dan Snair, President of Compass’s board of directors.  “For much of that time, our school continued to rely on a traditional educational org chart, in which a “Head of School” is responsible for both pedagogical and organizational matters.  An important component of our evolution is our growth from an administrative model supervised by a single head of school to one in which an executive director is responsible for leading the entire school, and principals are focused on the quality of the education we offer our students,” Mr. Snare continued.

“Compass was looking for a leader with significant experience in a comparable leadership role, including experience with personnel management, fiscal issues, and Montessori- and/or charter school-specific matters,” said Mr. Snare.  “Members of Compass’s search committee and board of directors were unanimous in their conclusion that Bill Kottenstette possessed the ideal qualities to be Compass’s executive director.”


About Compass

Compass Montessori is a public charter school with 650 students at two campuses west of Denver, Colorado, near the beautiful Rocky Mountain foothills.  Compass is a charter school affiliated with the Jefferson County Public School District.  One of Colorado’s first charter schools, Compass was founded in 1997 by parents seeking to provide children with a high quality, authentic Montessori education.  Now in its 16th year of operation, Compass is nationally recognized as the only public Montessori charter school in the United States serving students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.

The mission of the Compass community is “to utilize authentic Montessori methods to nurture the whole child and to enrich the life of each student from preschool to 12th grade.”

About Montessori

Montessori education is an educational approach developed by Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori and characterized by an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical, and social development.  Although a range of practices exists under the name “Montessori”, the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) and the American Montessori Society (AMS) cite these elements as essential:  mixed age classrooms; student choice of activity from within a prescribed range of options; uninterrupted blocks of work time; a “discovery” model, where students learn concepts from working with materials, rather than by direct instruction; specialized educational materials developed by Montessori and her collaborators; freedom of movement within the classroom; a trained Montessori teacher.

Compass strives to provide an authentic Montessori education to students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.

To read this article in its entirety, please visit

Compass Montessori – A Possible Blueprint for a Model Charter School  (Click on Part X of this newsletter) at

Compass welcomes inquiries from parents of prospective students, from parents and administrators considering starting a Montessori school, and from other Montessori schools facing similar challenges and opportunities.  For additional information, please contact Dan Snare at





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