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Exploring Holidays and History


Spring brings many special holidays and historical events to enrich our homes and classrooms. Enjoy these resources to help your students understand and explore these interesting observances.

For a round-up of various links for January and February lesson plans and ideas, visit:   

Black History Month – February

Black History Month, observed in February since 1926, provides many interesting opportunities to explore history, culture and food.  The Creative Process can get you started with their “Celebrate Black History Month” page, linked here:

You will find more information, resources and recipes in the links below. , , , and

Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, February 12, 1809

There is no question that Abraham Lincoln is one of the most famous and most admired presidents of the United States.  Many states no longer observe his birthday as a separate holiday; but his life, accomplishments and assassination are at the heart of one of the most complex and pivotal eras of American history.  President Lincoln’s life and career make an excellent basis for unit studies. Explore these interesting websites for more information. , , and

George Washington’s birthday, February 22, 1732 (Presidents’ Day observed February 20, 2012)

Sara L. Ambarian helps us get to know the man who is called “the Father of our Country”, with information about George Washington in her article, “Celebrating the Personal Life of George Washington”. You’ll find additional educational links about our first president at the end of the article.

For more presidential lesson ideas, read “It’s Time to Think Outside the Box and Kindle, Too!” from, with its suggestions for studying Thomas Jefferson.  You can also enhance your studies of government and politics with a batch of the famous, traditional and tasty Senate Bean Soup, from Dale and Rita at North American Montessori Center.

St. Patrick’s Day, March 17

Visit these links for lesson and craft ideas for the “greenest” spring holiday!  and  

Easter, April 8

Georgette Baker from Cantemos offers some fun projects for Easter and other spring holidays.  Check out her festive hat and easy tie-dye instructions.  

For long-lasting Easter fun outdoors, Jan from Garden Artisans shares a cute Hippity Hoppity Bunny Topiary project here:  

Bake up an interesting Italian tradition with Mary Ann Esposito’s Neopolitan Stuffed Easter Bread.  If desirable, you could make it easier, more economical and/or more kid-friendly by replacing the fancy imported meat and cheese with meat or cheese of your choice.  It might also be more kid-friendly if you dice the meat and cheese a little smaller than Ms. Esposito does in the tutorial.  The recipe is full of interesting Easter symbolism, and what child wouldn’t be fascinated (as Ms. Esposito was herself) by the whole raw eggs baked into the bread!  

Find more Easter inspiration at the following sites. ,  and

Cinco de Mayo, May 5

Cinco de Mayo is not, as sometimes assumed, Mexican Independence Day (a separate holiday which is celebrated on September 16). It marks the Battle of Puebla in which Mexican troops defeated French troops. Find out more at:  

For introduction or reinforcement of Spanish language lessons, check out the offerings from Cantemos  and Professor Toto  

For Spanish-speaking students or those learning Spanish, check out our Unit Study Lesson Plan About Mexico in Spanish.

For more lesson ideas and some recipe ideas for Mexican food to make, check these interesting sites. , /, and /

Mother’s Day , May 13

Parents and educators are always looking for ideas and resources for the popular holiday, Mother’s Day.  Dale Gausman from NAMC lists some books and ideas in his article, “Mother’s Day in the Montessori Classroom”. He also provides some lesson plan ideas for older students.

These websites provide some additional ideas for crafts and decorations.  and

Memorial Day, May 28

Memorial Day is a solemn, but potentially important holiday with which to acquaint children at age appropriate levels. NAMC’s Dale Gausman discusses the history of and Montessori perspective for teaching about Memorial Day in his “Montessori Curriculum Ideas for Memorial Day”.

Find more information on the history of this day of remembrance, at:  and  


For more seasonal and holiday observances for educators, visit:  and

For more about holidays, in a convenient monthly chronology, see Rae from The Creative Process’s “Monthly Observances and Notable Dates”.

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Springtime Hands On Learning for PreK – Grade 8

Please visit Springtime Hands On Learning 2011 for PreK- Grade 8/ for updated information.


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Home-grown “Fast Food for Busy Families”

Talented Sara Ambarian is someone who can take something like home-grown sprouts and make mouth watering mahi mahi filets. In the article, Home-grown “Fast Food” for Busy Families, Sara shares how busy families can easily and conveniently add home grown sprouts to their food repertoire. Sara shares how the family can become interested in growing different varieties, and how these sprouts add flavor and texture to various salads, sandwiches, etc.

Sara embraces the philosophy of providing integrated lessons in gardening and cooking for children and teens, to help them become more environmentally aware, nutritionally informed and consumer savvy.

Sara mentions experiments you can easily set up at home, giving you the opportunity to determine if sprouting is something your family might enjoy. Sara also provides helpful tips about what to look for when buying sprouting seeds, and then walks you through the planting and nurturing process. A scrumptious recipe with an illustrative picture is included. If the picture doesn’t motivate you to try sprouting, I don’t know what will!!

To discover how sprouting can be easily used in Montessori practical life cooking and gardening lesson presentations, Montessori teachers will want to read this article as well.

To read this article, please visit . Look under Notable and Notable and click on the Home-grown “Fast Food for Busy Families” hyperlink. To learn more about Sara Ambarian please visit

Enjoy! 🙂


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St. Patrick’s Day Crafts (Origami and More)

Many people visiting this blog really seemed to enjoy the winter holiday hands on math and origami activities, so I decided to find some similar projects for St. Patrick’s Day and other upcoming holidays. Visit St. Patrick’s Day Origami and receive step-by-step instructions for making a four leaf clover. Geometry really comes alive as young students complete this activity. Once completed, you can hang the clover at work, in your room or use as a decoration.

Easily, make a shamrock box, by following the instructions at Shamrock Origami.

For additional St. Patrick’s Day projects for children and teens visit the just revised AMC Montessori Spring 1999/2008 Newsletter and scroll down until you see the St. Patrick’s Day lessons.

Have you seen the prizes this month to be awarded to the 1st and 2nd place February winners??

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The January winners were Leonard Presberg of Hill Country Montessori School, Palmetto, GA and Amanda C of St. Paul, MN

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New Montessori Spring/Summer Newsletter Uploaded – Everything from Ground Hog Day to the 4th of July

I just completed revising the AMC Montessori 1999 Spring/Summer Newsletter. This issue is packed with lesson information – from Ground Hog Day to the 4th of July. As you know, Ground Hog Day is just days away now, so read the newsletter today, to get important lesson information you can use, starting this week.

Find additional Montessori lesson planning information for Valentine’s Day, Lincoln, Washington, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Passover, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and 4th of July by visiting AMC Montessori 1999 Spring/Summer Newsletter.

Be sure to see my other post about the revised AMC Montessori 1998 Spring/Summer Newsletter as well.

Enjoy! 🙂


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